When designing or altering your home kitchen space, you may consider adding an island to the layout. Islands are often sought after features in a kitchen. Not only do they add a positive aesthetic element, but they also have numerous practical pluses as well! Here are 5 benefits of having a large kitchen island in your home.

  1. Large Kitchen IslandKitchen islands will provide you with more storage space in your kitchen. Kitchens can never have too much storage, cabinets, drawers and space! A large island will allow you to have ample room to put your appliances, dishes, and other essentials so that they are neatly organized and stored out of the way for a better work space and environment. Your island can have pull out drawers, cabinet doors, Lazy Susan turning racks and more depending on your specific needs or preferences. This is a great way to utilize every inch of space in your kitchen to optimize its efficiency.
  2. Kitchen islands are great if you have kids! Islands make storage areas easy for kids to reach and get to so that they can be more independent when grabbing snacks or other items. In addition, you can use an island as a homework area by purchasing stools or raised chairs. This way your kids can be in the kitchen with your while you work so that you can keep an eye other and they can even feel involved in the cooking process!
  3. Islands provide another area for more seating. Extra seating is essential and helpful if you entertain often and like to have guests over. Using the island for more seating can make the kitchen area a more social, livable space. You won’t have to feel hidden away in the kitchen while everyone else is socializing. Instead, while you are prepping food and drinks, you can bring the party with you!
  4. You can place kitchen appliances and amenities on or over your island. Some islands can have a sink built in to the counter or a range from Range Hoods Inc.overhead. This can open up counter and wall space throughout rest of your kitchen. Having the range hood combing down from the ceiling instead of being attached to a wall means you can have more storage cabinets on those walls. You can also install a microwave under the island for easy use or even your dish washer as needed!
  5. Finally, a large island simply provides you with more work space for prepping and spreading out the items you need to use. This helps to prevent overcrowding, messiness, and disorganization. This is also useful if multiple people are helping to prepare a meal. Everyone will have their own workspace so that they are not on top of one another throughout the cooking and prepping process.

If you have the space for a large island counter in your kitchen, it is definitely a worthwhile addition. Kitchen islands provide more counter and work space, ample storage, accessibility for you and for kids, addition seating areas, and more organization! Kitchen Islands will help to make your kitchen more functional and user friendly.

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