Businesses are required to abide by certain gas safety requirements. However, it has since been revealed that many small businesses are unaware of this.

520 businesses were reviewed and 20% of them revealed they didn’t know when to check their gas appliances – put all their employees in danger.


Wintertime is, for understandable reasons, the period when most boiler failures occur consequently it’s vital to review processes and make sure everything is in operational order.

Investigators found that 31% of persons questioned said they would be happy for more information on the safety necessities for their small business.

Companies should be reviewed by their native councils frequently. Businesses which don’t get their gas appliances tested could discover that their Public Liability Insurance, which covers their buildings, may not be binding.

As part of the Health and Safety at Work Act, it’s a lawful requirement for companies to get their gas appliances tested.

So just how can you make sure your applications keep running throughout the wintertime and your business processes are not put in danger? There are five facts to recall:

  1. Know at what time you want your central heating to come on and go off. Set your timer and don’t leave it running longer than it actually needs to. Remember to look at your room thermostat if you have one and make sure it’s set at the right temperature.
  2. It’s a decent idea for companies to have a care contract. Make sure it’s one that has a decent response time. This will show you are conscious of your safety necessities and you have somebody to call if there’s an emergency.
  3. Have your system power flushed and protected with an inhibitor. This will make sure you make the most of your central heating system.
  4. Insulate your office block and any unprotected pipework and containers that might freeze.
  5. Connect a carbon monoxide alarm.

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