A bedroom is your personal space away from the noise and pollution of everyday life. It is the one place we all look forward to coming back and putting our feet and relaxing in. So it’s vital that this private sanctuary is furnished and decorated appropriately so it is both comfortable and stylish.

Like all rooms, the bedroom needs furniture and décor in order to be complete. Small things like pillow cases, bedspreads or even lighting fixtures can really change the overall look and feel of the room. Some great ways to decorate your space are as follows:

The perfect bed: This is the main piece in any bedroom, in other words it is the focal point. It will most likely be placed in the centre of the room so it must be deserving of that place. Your bed could come with a queen size bed frame, extra storage space, stylish headboard or pull-out drawers but make sure that the piece you go for matches both your theme and fits in your perfectly.

A great theme: A child will usually think of a theme for his or her room before choosing the furniture to put in however we adults tend to work the other way around. It’s time we learn something from the little ones. Having a solid theme can help to lessen the stress of choosing the appropriate pieces. You can make a list of items you need in the corresponding colours and sizes and go from there as opposed to just aimlessly clicking on everything that looks interesting on that designer furniture site.

A pretty rug: So, you got a comfy bed and had a good night’s sleep? It’s time to go to work the next morning and you step on the cold tiled floor and that’s enough to make you stay at home the whole day. A rug can be a great way to bring some definition to the room and also provide that much needed warmth under the bed. Choose bold prints for some drama or if the rest of your décor is on the wild side, choose something simpler to counteract.

Fun accessories: Decor like cushions, throws, curtains and flowers really add some drama to the room and liven the whole ambience. Choose the pieces according to your personal theme and keep changing them every season or few years to freshen things up. A room can look completely different only by changing the soft furnishings and adding some fresh flowers.

Extra seating: Why need more seating when you have a big bed, you may wonder. But it’s important to have extra seating in your bedroom apart from your bed. This may work well if you have to do some reading or bring work home. It could be a place to sit and chat with your partner. Adding some ottomans, beanie bags or even single sofas would be great options but make sure to choose the right piece according to the theme and size of your room.

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