Pests in your home or business are not only creepy and gross, but they also pose grave health and safety hazards. Depending on what’s invading your living or work spaces, you could be looking at serious injury from bites and stings, bacterial contamination, and property damage. Warmer weather is the prime time for most noxious and pesky organisms to emerge, but you need to have a year-round plan in place to deal with them. For that reason, hiring pest control services is probably the best move you can make to protect yourself.

Common Critters Cause Big Problems
There are a lot of pests that might invade your residence or place of business, but some common critters tend to wreak the worst havoc. Their infestation makes your life a living hell –– you don’t want to see them, much less think about what harm they’re causing. But it’s important to recognize the risks to which you’re being exposed.

Roaches – These insects are Public Enemy Number One because they’re known carriers of disease-causing germs. Additionally, they’re responsible for food-borne illnesses and allergic reactions. Some species have even been known to bite humans and leave wounds.

       Termites – They attack the wood in your structure, eating it away while nesting either inside the wood or below ground. Besides destroying your property, they also can swarm, particularly in the summer.

       Bedbugs – Notoriously hard to banish, these creatures bring misery by infesting bedding and furniture while biting. They don’t carry illnesses, but the bites can bloom into secondary infections.

Ticks – These insects transmit many harmful sicknesses, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

       Mosquitos –  Besides the infamous Zika virus, they also carry certain forms of encephalitis as well as malaria, the West Nile virus, and other pathogens.

A litany of other vermin includes mice, silverfish, moths, and fleas, all of which pose their own problems. Silverfish and moths eat and destroy organic materials, including paper goods and clothing. Wasps, spiders, snakes, and scorpions are dangerous in particular, because their bites or stings can lead to grave illness or even death.

Hiring a Pest Control Specialist

When you’re shopping for pest control services, there are some key factors you need to examine. Some important questions to ask include:

What is your standard procedure for inspections?
What kind of treatment plans do you use for infestations?
What steps do you take to prevent pests from coming back?
Are your treatment and prevention methods safe for my health and the environment?
Do you provide an estimate for services?
What are the standard terms of your contracts and payment agreements?

Overall, the most important things to remember are to do your homework, get your questions answered, and know what you’re paying for before you hire or schedule any work. 

You make investments in your property, but don’t overlook pest control services in your upkeep and maintenance plans. You owe it to yourself, the people you care about, and your home or business to safeguard assets and health. And in the unfortunate event of an infestation, you must have a professional you can call to take care of your problem –– leaving you to take care of business.

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