How to Choose the Perfect Gift for a Home Lover

Finding the right gift is always a challenge. But when you want to surprise a home lover, you should do some serious research and look for a truly great present that matches your friend’s taste without breaking your budget.

Do Some Research on Your Friend’s Home

That doesn’t mean rushing in there and going through their things, but try to understand how your friend decorates his or her house, what their favorite pieces are, and what could complete their project. Pay attention to colors, sizes, and any other details that could help you make the right choice.

If you can’t physically see their house, ask some questions about it. Try to have a clear image of the decoration and style. It’s hard enough to choose a gift when you know the details, so don’t make your task even more difficult by not knowing anything about your gift recipient’s taste.

Use Redecorating Tips to Find More Details

Sometimes, the best way to know what’s in someone’s head is to ask them. Go through some redecorating tips or ask for an honest opinion on some photos to get hints about what your friend likes or dislikes. You can find some great photos to start your conversation on a real estate agent website or other online magazines.

Think about your friend’s reactions and try to choose a gift that represents their interests rather than yours. Avoid gifts that you don’t know anything about. For example, if your friend is a design expert, don’t buy decorations or art objects, as you’ll risk buying something that clashes with their taste.

Choose something useful instead, such as kitchenware or a gift card that will allow your friend to buy whatever they like. Furniture is another possible gift, depending on your budget, once you know for sure your friend likes the piece you’ve chosen and that there’s enough space for it in the house.

Boost Your Creativity Online

If you’re not a big fan of gift cards, try to find inspiration in magazines or by looking around specialized stores. Great sources for original ideas are art galleries, art blogs, or company websites. Check out the latest in real estate website design, so you can see great photos of beautifully decorated houses to give you inspiration.

Try to be original, but don’t push your limits. If your friend seems to like funny or unconventional stuff, you could try something like an alternative clock, useful modern gadget or some tools for DIY projects. Be careful not to embarrass yourself or your friend with something too original though, and remember that a nice gift will valued and appreciated as much as your friendship, so it’s worth the effort.

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