In the New Year many homeowners consider an early Spring clearout to help wash away the winter blues and welcome in some warming sunshine into the home. This involves more than just a bit of dusting though; many people include decorating in their Spring clearout – and did you know the new year is one of the most popular times to get a new kitchen? Re-thinking your living space can also help you to refresh your home, mind and family life ready for the rest of the year.

Get rid of the clutter

You need to start with the basics. Look at what you’ve got out in your living space and how much you need it. Are ornaments just collecting dust? Do you have too many bits of furniture in your room? Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to fill every space in their living room. But you shouldn’t be afraid of empty space. Similarly, don’t clog the walls with lots of frames or pictures. You can have some blank space and it won’t look sparse. Read some de-cluttering tips here from design professionals.

Change the cheaper accessories

It can be very quick to make a few simple changes to your accessories. In fact, it can transform the look of your entire room. Take cushions for example. Get rid of the old ones which could be misshapen and losing their colour, and transform the look of your sofas with brighter colours or clashing patterns. If you’re unsure on how it would look, look at pictures online to get some inspiration, or look at online sites such as OKA’s cushion selector to pick certain patterns and pair them with others. Be brave and you could stumble across a great new look for your home!

Re-arrange furniture

While you’re pushing out the sofas to vacuum up behind them, consider moving them completely. You can easily get stuck in your ways when it comes to the arrangement of your chairs and coffee tables, so think outside the box. For example, you don’t always need to put a sofa against a wall if you have the space. You also don’t need everything point at the TV. Think of creating a reading corner or quiet area.

File your paperwork

All of us have paperwork lying around, whether this is unopened bills or scraps of old shopping lists. Try and throw away what you don’t need and use a filing system to organise everything properly. You’ll feel better for it!

Dress the windows

Your windows are the eyes to your home so dust off the old blinds and wash the curtains. If you have the money, try and buy blinds with a new and eye catching pattern or colour. It can transform your room before the rest of the year and get you in a better mood to embrace whatever is ahead for 2017!

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