Summer 2014 may seem like a long way away, but getting your garden prepared for it now means it will be ready to enjoy as soon as the sun comes out and temperatures start to rise.

Things to invest in include a decent barbecue and good outdoor lighting, so that you can enjoy your outdoor living space even after as darkness sets in. Read on for more tips on how to get your garden ready for summer 2014.

Bring the inside outdoors

A garden summer house is like an extension of your indoor living space – but brought outside so you can make the most of the warm weather and natural surroundings.

They come in a variety of designs and sizes, but no matter which is most suitable for the available space in your garden, painting and decorating your summer house will really make it stand out.

Once you’ve done this, maximise comfort levels by adding a sofa, armchairs or a day bed. Alternatively, it could serve as an al fresco dining area – really make it stand out with touches such as plants, flowers and a long table with wooden benches either side for entertaining.

Invest in a good barbecue

A good barbecue can be a centrepiece of a garden and doesn’t have to conform to traditions. Take a more Mediterranean approach by investing in a clay pizza oven complete with wire rack so you can also grill meat and fish.

Regular charcoal barbecues are reliable and create a wonderfully authentic flavour and smell that evokes summer time – it’s no wonder these are so popular.

However, for those who love barbecues but not the part where you have to clean it, a gas version is probably most suited to you. Use the ignition to light it up, wait for a few seconds and it’s ready to cook on! There’s no need for coal with these types of barbecues, which is why many people think they’re incredibly easy to use and convenient.

Dine out in style

Even if your garden is small there are still plenty of ways to make an enticing dining area where you’ll want to linger over your dinner for longer.

If you’re pushed for space, start by choosing a folding table and chairs that can easily be moved to the side when not in use. For those who are lucky enough to have plenty of room to play with, a long dining table with benches means you’ll be able to accommodate plenty of friends and family. For added comfort, invest in some outdoor cushions.

To take the styling one step further, add matching outdoor tableware. Cut crystal effect plates and glasses are ideal if you’re after a touch of class, while a retro dining set is great for something a bit more quirky.


Thinking carefully about the lighting in your garden can add another dimension once the sun goes down.

Festoon bulbs give a fun festive effect and can be draped around your garden on trees, plants and garden sheds to make them stand out beautifully. For something different and to add an ethnic angle to your outdoor living space, Moroccan lanterns look magical lit up with candles. 


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