Riding a bike is something many people do, in order to get exercise and to just get out of the house and enjoy some time outdoors. Many people also use a bike to commute to and from work. If you regularly ride a bike one of the problems you may encounter is where and how to store it securely. You do not want it to be stuck in the hallway of your home for everyone to fall over; although this option may be secure.

When it comes to storing a bike you need to ensure you make the best use of the space you have available. You also need to make sure that your bike is secure when it is stored. You do not want it to be susceptible to theft.

Storing your bike in your home

One of the options you have is to store your bike inside your home. Obviously, this is a fairly secure option. You can even be creative when storing your bike, by setting it up as a wall hanging. This means that your bike does not take up any floor space and it means that you have a very unusual wall decoration.

You may also want to consider making a bike shelf for your bike. The shelf just needs to be attached to the wall. If you choose this option it’s important that you remember to make the shelf strong enough to withstand the weight of the bike.

Storing your bike securely in the garage

If you have space in your garage you may want to store your bike in there. A bike tends not to take up too much space so you will probably be able to store your bike in the garage even if there is already a car there. If you want to make sure that your bike is secure then you can check out available bike storage options. If you use one of these solutions you have the peace of mind of knowing that your bike is safe at all times.

You can even install secure bike storage in the yard of your home but if you do this you need to think about protecting your bike against the elements. You also need to remember that if you do not store your bike in a hanging position you need to make sure that the tyres are kept inflated as they will tend to deflate if your bike is stored standing on the ground.

Hopefully we have given you some inspiration as to how to store your bike securely. You can even use bike storage as a means of decorating the interior of your home. The main thing is that you can have your bike on hand to go on all those cycle rides you enjoy while also having the peace of mind of knowing that your bike is safe when it is stored away.

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