How to Make the Most of Your Dining Room

The dining room is often overlooked when it comes to unique decorating ideas. Many people reserve their dining rooms for special occasions and fail to make proper use of the space on a regular basis. The dining room is much more than simply a room for eating when guests come round, so it’s important to consider all the different uses you dining room could be put to before committing to a decorating style. Do you want your dining room to double as a sitting room, or a home office, or a playroom for the children? Your decision will influence the furnishings you choose later.

Extra Work Space

For those who need extra office space in their homes, the dining room is a practical option. Make sure you have plenty of functional storage space, including bookcases and cabinets that can hold papers and office supplies. You can find these in attractive hardwood finishes, so they don’t appear clinical or excessively office-like, and your dining room will still look classy when guests come for dinner. Straight-backed dining room chairs, like those available from the Trade Furniture Company, can also double as office chairs.

Making it Playful

Every parent knows that it’s difficult to contain their child’s toys to just one room in the house. However, if you want to give your child a play space that’s downstairs rather than in their bedroom, the dining room is a great choice. This is because the dining room won’t be used as frequently as the living room and scattered toys won’t be so much of a nuisance. Ever stepped on a piece of Lego when walking across the living room? If you have, you’ll realise the importance of containing your child’s mess. Equip your dining room with a soft rug that can be played upon and plenty of plastic storage boxes that can be used to hold toys whenever the dining room is in use.

Country Living

If you’re interested in giving your dining room a rustic, country living air, this can be easily achieved through your choice of furnishings. Mix and match textures; for example by covering a leather sofa with a cosy patchwork blanket, or setting comfortable chairs against an exposed brick feature wall. The rustic dining room should be influenced by the design of country cottages, so don’t forget to bring a little of the outdoors inside. This can be in the form of freshly cut flowers, or a bowl full of shells or pebbles. 

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