If you’re getting bored with the same old bedroom designs, then it might be time you created something totally unique that’s guaranteed to make your personal space look fantastic. All too often we see people using the same old techniques and achieving the same old results, and although some might consider these methods to be tried and tested, others just see them as uninspired and frankly a little drab. Thankfully, I’ve been doing some research over the last couple of days, and I’ve discovered some really cool ideas that you should find appealing.

So, spend the next few moments reading through all the suggestions I’ve listed in this post, and you should come away with the inspiration you need to create something truly original that’s sure to impress any visitors to your home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no design guru and I haven’t got any relevant qualifications in the subject, but I do know a thing or two about style, and my own home is commented on regularly, so I’m pretty confident that you could learn a lot from my ideas.

Custom Flooring Solutions

Whilst most people would agree that laminate flooring looks more luxurious than most carpet, there can be no denying that carpet provides the most comfort and tends to keep your feet a little warmer. So, why not mix it up a bit with laminate and some custom designed rugs? There are many companies online that specialise in creating original mats and rugs based on your own designs. So, whether you want a particular pattern or you’d like to see a family photo woven into the material, custom flooring solutions are the way forward.

Custom Wallpaper

I can across a business online that provides custom wallpaper to clients and customers all over the world. Though you won’t want to cover all your wall space in this stuff, it’s perfect for a feature wall, and so you should definitely check them out. The system works in much the same way as custom t-shirt design, where the user can upload images to a specially designed online program and order however much wallpaper they think they’ll need to cover the space. So, you’ll have no trouble creating something completely original in as little as five minutes.

Custom Lamp Shades

Presuming you have a couple of lamps in your bedroom, you’ll be able to make them look amazing without spending too much money by creating and purchasing some bespoke custom lamp shades. This is much cheaper than sourcing new lamps and provides you with an outlet for your own personal creativity. All you need to do is find a reputable company online and use their web tools to make the ideal piece. In most cases, this is relatively simple so long as your lamps are of a common size. If they’re not, just get in touch with the company privately and ask them what they can do to help. Most will be more than willing to assist.

Well guys, now you know how to make your bedroom look totally unique this year, I don’t want to hear about you opting for design ideas you’ve seen in magazines. It’s all about being original, and that’s something everyone can achieve.

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