Moving into a new house or apartment is more common these days than ever. With the globalization of the world, moving from one city to the next has become way more common. Whether it is because families are pursuing different lifestyles, because of new job opportunities, or because people are curious travelers, moving is a pretty normal part of modern day life. At the same time though, it seems people have yet to master the perfect way to move. There are hundreds of ways to do it, but we have a few recommendations to make the process seamless and fun for your company.

One of the things often overlooked by movers are their clothes! When you think of a big move, people just immediately think of furniture, beds, and all the big stuff. While that’s very important, there are smaller things we often don’t prepare for. Clothes is one of those things. One of the best ways to move your clothes is to put them all on hangers. After they are all hung up in hangers in your closet, take a garbage bag and wrap it around all the clothes. Then, when you get to your new home, you can seamlessly grab the hangers that are all together under a garbage bag and hook them right onto the new closet. Easy as pie, you can move all your clothes with just a couple moves! We also highly recommend getting your car shipped if you are moving far away. Many times, movers want to drive their own car to save some money. While it makes sense economically, physically it is a huge pain. You do spend a lot of time driving, and a lot of money on gas. But what it also does is make you extremely tired. You will be driving across the country, with numb legs, just to arrive to your new home and have to put in a lot of hours to move. You will be exhausted, and not have the necessary energy to lead your team through the move! We highly recommend you get your car shipped, stay focused on the move, and execute the full move with good energy!

Moving can be a pain, but there are small things you can do. If your whole family is helping you or if you have friends coming by to help, make sure you feed them! Use these Papa Johns Groupon Discount Codes and get a bunch of pizza for your hungry and tired movers. They will appreciate the nice gesture.

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