Your little girl is transforming into a young lady before your eyes. This means that she is also starting to outgrow the little girl things that she used to hold as her most valued treasures. Her taste in clothes has changed, she has begun experimenting with make-up, and her room is starting to bore her. It would be such a pleasant surprise to do a makeover on her bedroom and have it looking more like a teenager’s private space. There are undoubtedly a few investments you need to make for it, like adding new furnishings that will suit her new needs. You can get started with a sliding wardrobe of her choice.

When it comes to makeovers of bedrooms for teenage girls, there are no specifications. Your daughter will want her personality to be reflected in her bedroom, so you may want to coordinate with her and see her preferences. The following ideas can inspire you to do a bedroom makeover that your teenage daughter will thank you for.

Colour makes a big difference

If your daughter’s bedroom colour has still maintained a nice sheen but is painted in a neutral or pastel shade, an excellent idea would be to add more vibrant colours into the room. You spend less and splashes of her favourite hues can decorate her walls and make that transition from baby to a lady. You can ask her for suggestions regarding her preferences and see how you can incorporate them into her bedroom.

Make use of shelves

Not all teenagers are as neat as we wish them to be, but adding some shelves into the room can provide them with places to organise things. They will also want to decorate, and they can make good use of these shelves to display their accessories, photos, and other decorative pieces they have.

Provide her with a makeup area

Give your daughter a space in the room where she can get all prettied up. You may want to involve her in shopping for a dresser of her choice that would complement her bedroom and keep her makeup and other accessories in place. Keep in mind that teenagers have more beauty items that they invest in, so ensure that her dresser has the space to accommodate all of them.

Create a cosy atmosphere

Teenagers will always make their bedroom a hangout, not only for themselves but for friends who visit. In particular, teenage girls love the feeling of cosiness, from plush beddings and pillows to soft rugs on the floor. There is an endless variety of designs you can choose from when it comes to bedding and comforters. You can surely find one that will suit your daughter’s unique taste. Add in throw pillows in geometric designs for an added bit of contrast. If space allows, a lounging chair or a nice bench decorated with pillows can serve as seating for friends who come over.

Your makeover will be a lot more fun if you involve our daughter in the project. Not only does she get what she wants, but the bonding time is also very precious.


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