Some of the biggest manufacturers of wholesale toilet paper across the world are not as many as people might think. While so many makers of this important manufactured item are definitely not a few, some of them produce millions of tons every year and basically control the world of tissue paper with their products. Here are a number of them.


Georgia-Pacific founded in 1927 and sold in 2005 for about 21 billion dollars. The company has been a major provider of high quality toilet paper, chemicals, building products, packaging, paper and pulps. Their presence across the world is felt across the body, especially because they do not just provide tissue papers only but also other household products.

Kimberly Clark 

Kimberly Clark also has an illustrious story that goes back to 1872 in October 22 and its products has always been at the heart of American History, making it a leading company in the market of Consumer Products Good today.  Since its founding, its wide range of consumer brands including toilet papers and long history since 1872 to date is a hallmark of success in manufacturing.

Soundview / Marcal Paper Company 

For more than half a century, Marcal changed their concept to creating paper out of paper as compared to paper from trees, something that they do not look like they are about to change. The company was started in 1932 by Nicolas Marcalus as the Marcalus Manufacturing Company and today is a giant in the world of recycled paper products and a manufacturer whose goods are still highly regarded for their absorbency, strength, quality and softness especially when Marcal goods are in contrast with those that are not recycled. The products and brands of the company are extensive just like its history, but the truth is that the company has never relented from manufacturing quality toilet papers that still receive accolades especially in a world where everything is turning eco-friendly.

Procter & Gamble 

Procter and Gamble have a story that goes back to 1837 when it was founded with its contracts going back to the era of the American Civil War. It is still one of the most respected and famous American companies across the world and controls a huge stake of the manufacturing world and not just in North America, but even in Africa, Europe, Asia and other territories of the world. It has continually been admired for creating real innovative products and a major player in the world of Consumers Products Good. Naturally, you would expect them to have a huge stake of the world’s toilet paper and paper towel industry.


SCA was launched way back in 1929 and has over the years rose to the title of the second greenest company in the world and produces items essential for modern everyday human life and comfort. Their main focus is in the area of AFH (Away from Home). Their toilet paper products are also well received and expected to continue being a major player in the industry.

Great Lakes Tissue Company 

This is a company that is privately owner and a producer of toilet paper from 100 percent recovered fiber where 60 percent of the parent rolls are made into complete products such as paper napkins, toilet paper and paper towels among others. The other 40 percent of the parent rolls are sold to the external market for conversion.

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