Any death of a family or friend is bad enough, but a suicide is even worse. Often, as well as the grief of losing a loved one, there are feelings of guilt and those left behind will always wonder if they could have done more to prevent it happening. Then there is the problem of cleaning the area where the suicide took place. Depending on how the life was taken, and how long it is before it was discovered, could mean there is a health hazard for people trying to clear the after effects.

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Cleaning After a Suicide

As well as the emotional trauma of a suicide, cleaning up afterwards can only add to the grief. The scene could be horrific and pose health hazards that are unseen to the human eye. Personal protective clothing, biohazard bags and the correct cleaning products are vital. The best way to deal with this awful situation is to hire a professional to take the job out of your hands. Minimize the suffering in any way you can, and having experts to handle the cleaning side of things will help.

You could find yourself in the eyes of the local media after a suicide, or just have very nosy neighbours. A good cleaning company will arrive at the site in plain vehicles, with nothing at all to give any idea why they are there.

Suicide Is More Common Than People Realize

On average there are 123 suicides every day in the US, with 51 per cent of them involving firearms. 7 out of 10 suicides are white males with the highest proportion of them being in middle age. The second group most likely to take this drastic step are the over 85’s. It seems there is no single cause for committing suicide, mental health problems being cited as the most common with stressful situations being next. One of the biggest problems is that anyone who is serious about taking their own life does not tell anyone. We can all know if a loved one is suffering anxiety, but unless they talk to someone we are unlikely to realize they have reached desperation point.

Support For Friends And Family

Some people find it very difficult to talk to some who has had a friend or family member commit suicide. They can feel awkward and be frightened of saying the wrong thing. Others are not sure if the way the bereaved person is acting is normal in this situation, and they get worried they will make things worse.

In fact, what they need is the opposite. A good strong social network can be a huge help, and the support of friends and family is vital. Their feelings of grief and guilt can be very intense, but someone to talk to, to listen to them tell the story over again and again can help them come to terms with this tragedy.

None of us can guarantee that we will never be in the same situation, and if we are hopefully someone will be there to listen to us.

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