Superb styling for your patio

Porch, patio, terrace, deck, whatever you call it, don’t let it get neglected because it’s not technically part of the house. If you love spending summers on your terrace, be it entertaining guests or just relaxing in your free time; make sure it looks good no matter what. Here’s how to get your deck looking good, feeling comfortable and the perfect place to be any day.

What do you use it for?

Figure out what your patio is most often used for so that you can streamline your design. If you love a summertime barbecue, consider a built in grill, or at least a designated space for it. If it’s the typical spot for tea parties, a really nice table and chairs would fit well. Keep some flexibility, but design it around the most common purpose.

Factor in space

Depending on the size of your patio, you’ll need to think about arranging the space. A big patio can accommodate permanent furniture without losing too much floor space. For a smaller space, foldaway furniture is probably better; you can take out what you need when you need it and keep the floor clear for bigger parties with more foot traffic.


If you often have meals or tea on the terrace, a permanent table and chairs may be better than constantly setting out deck chairs. Good quality patio furniture should last as long as you’ll be sitting on it. If you need the space though, foldaway furniture is easy to store and easy to pull out when you have company.

Weather forecast

The kind of weather you get will play a big role in your design. You’ll need to factor in drainage, particularly if you get a lot of rain. If you plan to spend time on your patio even in a drizzle, you’ll need a cover

Whether to make it permanent or retractable then comes into question. Permanent will last better but has the downside of blocking out the sun on beautiful days. A glass roof, with or without siding, will keep the rain out and let the sunshine in.

Give it some life

Adding greenery to a patio makes it feel bigger and more open, particularly if you have an enclosed patio. Look at some patio designs that incorporate a lot of plant life. If you want something low maintenance and pretty hardy, go for succulents. They don’t require a whole lot of care and attention and can look absolutely fantastic. If you’re looking for a rustic look for brick or stone walls, a bit of ivy could give it that perfect finishing touch.

So if sunbathing is your thing and your loungers are the permanent fixture, or you have a dozen people over every other Saturday for a barbecue, make your patio work for you. Put in some of your favorite plants, pick out some gorgeous furniture, and if you haven’t added the cover yet, don’t forget to check the weather before your big debut.

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