We all want the very best for our homes. With that in mind, have you ever considered using reclaimed and salvaged wood for your furnishings? Furniture made from these types of wood can give your home an impressive and unique look that will be truly its own. Not only that, but this is also an excellent way to really help the environment without compromising one bit on style. Since the wood may come from a variety of sources like elegant European train stations or hundred year-old shipyards, each piece of furniture will tell its own interesting story. 

Aurora-Gathering-TableTruly Environmentally Friendly:

Reclaimed wood has, quite simply, not undergone all of the chemical heavy processes that are used today in the production of new wood. It has normally been recycled from some type of previous use. Since this wood is essentially recycled it also retains its unique character and design. Of course, there is a certain level of treatment that is needed, but this is normally just to clean and then kiln dry in order to remove any moisture content.

Using reclaimed and salvaged wood for furniture creation is also a great way to save forests. It is no secret that the demand for timber is ever growing, which has led to deforestation in a number of areas. Here is a way to actually reduce the demand for new timber and make a real difference in the environment.

Unique & Interesting Stories:

Perhaps the most exciting aspect to the use of reclaimed and salvaged wood furniture is that each piece will have its own unique and interesting story to tell. Make no mistake, this wood is in many cases extremely high end and excellent quality. Reclaimed oak and pine used in this type of furniture may have begun its life in an elegant European train station or a 100+ year-old shipyard. It might have been salvaged from a beautiful historic building like an English country house, or a monastery, or even an old barn.

The wood used to create many of these unique furnishings could have come from anywhere in the world. The mountains of France. The valleys of Wales, or even the beaches of Asia. The point to remember is that you can keep these stories alive in your own home. Each time you have dinner at your unique dining table, or sleep in your fashionable bed, you will remember exactly where the wood used to handcraft that piece came from…and smile, knowing you are keeping the story and history of that wood alive.

Incorporating Reclaimed Wood Into Your Home:

Today, there is a growing number of home owners who are enjoying these types of furnishings in their homes. You can absolutely do the same thing. Reclaimed wood furniture may be used for creations in almost every room, from living room and dining room tables and chairs to even beds and benches. How about a unique wine rack or set of kitchen cabinets from a character-laden old barn? Maybe even create a fantastic outdoor patio area using reclaimed timber. You could even have your own unique coffee table. Best of all, this furniture looks incredible and is able to really set off a room and turn it into something spectacular.

Just keep in mind that there is much more to using salvaged and reclaimed wood than simply taking old pieces and trying to refinish. This is about adding elegance and a sense of style to an otherwise dull space.

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