Feeling comfortable and safe in your own home is very important. To secure your home, you can use the different methods available. Some are expensive while others are very affordable. You can easily safeguard your home from any intruder out there without buying an expensive alarm or top-notch power consuming gizmo.

Dead bolt

You can start by going for a deadbolt to secure your door further. Remember, the more the locks the safer you are, especially at night.

Well hidden key

Sometimes we put a spare key in the most obvious place that a burglar does not need to break in. He can walk right in. Ensure the key is well hidden and avoid the obvious places such as under your door rug or above the frame of your door. A less obvious place works fine.

Sliding doors and windows

Those with sliding-glass windows or doors can add long wooden pieces or broom handles at the base of the window or door along the sliding track. That way, no one will be able to force them open.

Lamp on a timer

Sometimes, you might be traveling or spending the weekend away from home. With a light or lamp timer, you can make light to either turn off or on, whether you are around or not. A burglar or intruder lurking in the shadows will think there is someone at home. Any intruder will think twice before entering any home in case he knows the odds are against him and he could get hurt, arrested or caught.

A weapon or two

You might also want to have some weapon at home because you might have to defend yourself. Sharp sticks and baseball bats are good candidates. While a firearm is the best weapon to have, especially because you can deal with an intruder from a distance, it comes with a lot of risks. Find a good place to keep the firearms within the house and definitely far from your children. Also, the firearm could be used against you by a burglar  and you must keep it safely. Do not forget to receive as much proper training as you can in handling a firearm.

Taping windows and doors

If you can add some tape on the windows and doors, you will be alerted when a person is slowly trying to make entry into your home by opening the window or the door without your knowledge. In case a burglar has entered your home before, he will try to do so again, especially if nothing has changed in terms of securing the entry points.

Sliding window locks

Your home might have some sliding windows and buying some screw-locks can ensure no intruder is able to make an opening for them.


If you have staircases in your home, you can invest in tripwires such as a fishing line or string and tie on a pole or stick from the ground to trip an intruder.  They are usually placed at the top of a staircase with a device that makes noise attached to it such as a chime or bell.

Guard dog

With a guard dog you do not need an alarm. The canine will act as the alarm you need while at the same time your second line of defense that puts any intruder into his heels.

This article is written by Michael who is a interior designer and decorator in Melbourne. He occasionally reviews home safety and security products and recently he reviewed security screen and found this website www.ozsecurityscreens.com.au very helpful.

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