The benefits of showering regularly go beyond this activity’s cleansing properties. Aside from being a routine to maintain good hygiene, studies suggest that showering is beneficially associated with body weight and abdominal circumference. Research studies have been conducting tests to prove the multi-faceted benefits of showering habitually. Many of their findings show conclusiveness.

The invisible effects of your showering

When showers are neglected, you will end up sharing your haven with dangerous bacteria. Micrococcus and Enterobacter aerogenes are harmless bacteria found in the shower. The more harmful ones are Salmonella and E. coli. Isn’t it surprising—the area where you use the shampoo and soap the most can still house these unwanted bacteria? The reality is that all bacteria need moisture. Your bathroom, being moist and humid, provide bacteria with the ideal form of water conducive to their growth and reproduction. Bacteria use water to take in food and to remove unwanted waste products. The less water is available, the slower the bacterial growth. Having quality shower pods where water won’t leak in areas you can’t see will help you maintain a clean shower.

Unwanted visible consequences of showering

Although only 1 to 2 per cent of germs can make you and your family sick, the germ build-up in your beautiful shower pod can turn visible. Apart from being gross, the visible residue of your showering can take away the sense of calm during your meditative shower. Mould spores are microscopic, but when you see mould and mildew settling on your shower, this shows the presence of millions or billions of them.

Not rinsing your body after a soapy lather isn’t good. The same is true with your shower pod. Glass doors develop soap scum which can breed the pink bacteria that lingers on your shower. For the visible and invisible reasons stated, there is definitely an obvious need for effective cleaning.

Reclaiming your shower pod

Germ and bacteria build-up are natural consequences of showering. For the tidiest result, maintaining a regular cleaning schedule with short intervals in between is ideal. To prevent bacteria build-up, depriving them of more water is the perfect solution. To impede germ build-up, rinsing your shower pod and proper ventilation is vital.

Quick ways to clean

Use a smooth sponge or damp cloth and your favourite mild cleansing mixture. This will help you get rid of soap residue, soap scum, moulds, and mildew. Make sure you wipe your shower area with soap first, rinse with water, and pat dry. For easier and quicker cleaning, you can use a squeegee instead of just a cloth. Drying your pod after every shower will deprive bacteria of their much need moisture. Lastly, keep your shower pod’s door open for ventilation.

Cleaning feels more manageable when done often and regularly, instead of a one-time big-time cleaning when the grime gets unbearable. Another reason to clean your shower area more often is to prevent bacterial infection. Repelling nasty shower inhabitants earlier can save your family from falling ill. The cleaning can be a collective effort too! Feel free to get creative with your cleaning schedule.


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