Whether you are embarking on a new marketing campaign, or are bringing your art to the public for the first time, a successful exhibition can be the deciding factor for your successful entrance to the market.

Through the use of alluring objects like illuminated furniture, you can easily turn an ordinary display into something very special. This article will look at ways to make your night one that many people will remember.

Bringing Illuminated Furniture into your Exhibition

One of the most integral factors deciding whether an exhibition is a success or not is just how well the set up grabs the attention of attendees. The content and value of a stand can be potentially highly beneficial to the lives of those present, but if their basic visual senses aren’t being adequately stimulated, they may easily move on quickly to a stand far more vibrant and attractive.

One way to grab people’s attention is through the usage of illuminated furniture. Such a feature not only brings a vibrantly attractive addition to the overall aesthetics of your stand, it also provides comfort and functionality.

There is an incredible variety of illuminated furniture available for hire from specialists in the exhibition industry.

  • The Blob Chair: This squishy and very comfortable curved seat is perfect for visitors to lounge about in, while being highly stimulated and entertained.
  • Blob Sofa: You will also want to accommodate to multiple seating, the blob sofa basically being an extended blob chair which a group of people can comfortably sit while being entertained. You will be able to deliver excellent presentations to people already excited by such original seating arrangements.
  • Blob Coffee Table: If you will be serving snacks and drinks during your presentation, then blob coffee tables are an excellent way to present such goodness. If your exhibition is to do with wine or cheese, then such an arrangement can really bring your products to attention.
  • Illuminated Curved Seating: This is an excellent choice for display stands which need to be viewed from various angles to get the full picture. People can now easily slide around your offerings without having to stand.
  • Illuminated Giant Wine Glass: Another perfect choice for those selling wine, this enormous wine glass is a very eye-catching way to advertise your selection, and is assured to bring people over to inspect the bottles placed inside with much gusto and interest.

Bringing Branding to the Fore

Branding is indeed a sensitive issue. If done in a garish or over-the-top fashion, it can easily detract positive attention from viewers who become repulsed with an overly grasping attempt at selling. You need to ensure that whatever branding you display is achieved in a subtle yet enticing manner.

You need to ensure that your brand is still easily visible for the audience to see. You may have a strong and impactful content, but if people cannot tell who made it or where it is from, your efforts may go to waste.





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