You would be well within your rights to be less than enthused by the concept of ‘bathroom furniture’. For many of you, it would simply mean those same-old tattered vanity units and storage cupboards with battered sides, pockmarked with holes spouting damp chipboard.

Thing is, it need not be this way. Designers have been let off the leash to really sex up just this kind of traditionally drab, uninspired bathroom furniture. These two images display fine example of what can – and has been – achieved.

bath 2


The top unit is beautifully curving, the complete antithesis to those blocky, horrible units you would see stacked up at your nearest discount interiors store. There is also a delicious, almost chiaroscuro effect with the light wood finish contrasting with the high black sheen of the rest of the body.

Now, I am taking a risk here expressing my allegiance, but I am a Manchester United fan – from Manchester, don’t worry! As such, the bottom image appeals to me in a number of ways. Here the juxtaposition is between the fiery, passionate red and the complementary black which forms much of the body of the unit. The red is of that kind of high gloss finish that works in two ways, at once looking shiny and clean but also forming a tough, knock-resistant exterior.

It is also wise to look at the whole picture. The mirrors, for instance, are beautifully complementary, while the addition cupboard unit to the side of the mirror on the lower image offer you convenient and easy storage for regularly used items like toothbrushes and face creams and the like. Pay attention to the bathroom taps too, and how they help accentuate and further the look. Don’t neglect the small things!


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