When choosing a fence to outline your property, there are many practical factors to consider. For example, you must determine whether you seek a fence that provides privacy from onlookers or a fence that serves as an architectural focus. Do you wish to highlight the landscape of your garden or field? Are you seeking extra security or simply a decorative accent, or both? Whatever the function of the fence, there are many options that can make your home and property turn heads.

Fences with visibility

There are many options for fencing that allow you security without shutting out the world completely. A low wooden-fence mounted on top of a stone wall allows for height without sacrificing visibility. A traditional white picket fence with added detail, such as pickets that are shaped to form an arch between the posts is charming for a traditional American home. For a more rustic look, two simple, unfinished wooden poles set horizontally into posts adds an air of the old west.

Fences to keep the world at bay

True privacy home fences are very popular, but they do not have to be boring. A tall wooden fence with a cutout or crisscross detailing on the top portion can be striking. If blocking out sound is important to you, a tall stone or cement wall can be just the thing, while adding a rather medieval air of mystery to your home.  A tall lattice fence in metal or wood allows for privacy while still allowing light to shine through, and provides an excellent framework for climbing vines. This option is especially good for patios and gardens, and is cost-effective: lattice panels are less expensive than solid wood panels.

Fences with modern styling

For a house with contemporary architecture, a basic white picket fence would look out of place. Explore nontraditional materials such as bamboo and sheet metal, and think about strong, eye-catching shapes. For example, juxtaposition of ovals with rectangles add interest, as do minimalistic, horizontal lines.

Adding onto existing fences

You may already have a fence on your property but are seeking a little makeover. Installing a decorative metal or wooden lattice gate can add interest to a basic, no-nonsense fence without breaking the bank. You can also replace old, worn wooden bits of fencing with a contrasting material, such as sheet metal or stone. How about repurposing an old door to act as a garden gate? If you do not fear a little kitsch, attaching a row of birdhouses or vintage mirrors to either side of your fence could be incredibly eye-catching.

Whatever look and function you desire, there are many fencing styles and materials available that can add interest to your home. Websites such as Pinterest, Houzz and Etsy provide great resources for finding inspiration and sharing ideas. Consulting with an expert such as a landscape designer or architect can also help you select the best possible fence to provide structure and visual interest to your home.

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