A sofa is one of the biggest furniture investment you will make – and one of the most permanent. Some of the most luxurious bedrooms usually include pieces of furniture for hanging out. Comfy sofas and benches are must-have furniture for many outstanding bedroom designs. On the other side, a living room without a sofa is not – the real family living room. That said, there are some differences between bedroom sofas and living room sofas. Below are discussed some of these differences.

Granted, all sofas are very similar. Yet, one of the main differences between a bedroom sofa and a living room sofa is its practical side. Keep in mind that a bedroom sofa should have storage under the seat. You can use this storage space for bedding, bedroom items, clothes, socks and the like. On the other hand, a living room sofa is mainly for resting after a workday. That’s why quality living room sofas should feel heavy and solid.

Most bedroom sofas should have arms so one can lean his head over its arms. On the other side, if you have a small living room, you can make it bigger by placing a sofa with low arms or no arms. That said, when buying a living room sofa, you should think about how many people do you want to seat? It may seem like a silly question, but the truth is – nobody likes to sit on the crack. For example, if you get a sofa with two cushions, expect just two persons to use it. In order to accommodate more people, get a sofa with three cushions or a single long cushion. While most living room sofas have cushions, bedroom sofas are not meant for your guests. That said, a bedroom sofa should be practical, comfortable and only for one person.

Sofas generally come with either a pillow back or a tight back. If you are planning to buy a bedroom sofa, you should go for one with a pillow back, which has removable cushions. This type of sofa is more practical, portable and comfortable for sleeping and resting. On the other side, if you are planning to accommodate a guest for a few days in your living room, go for a portable furniture. The sofa cum bed is one of the most exclusive varieties of furniture these days. In the past, guests were accommodated in a living room on wooden beds. But today, guests are offered with multifunctional sofas available in many different sizes and looks

However, probably the biggest difference between a living room sofa and a bedroom sofa is size; living room sofas are nearly always larger than bedroom sofas. Finally, a living room sofa very often has a pull-out bed, whereas a bedroom sofa will rarely include this feature because they are not intended for night sleep. Nevertheless, keep in mind that different people have different tastes. That means that many people may opt for a living room sofa to be put in their bedroom, and vice versa.


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